Manhattan Neighborhood Network

CROE TV made its debut in Manhattan during the month of November on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network(MNN). Muhammad and Friends will continue to air in Manhattan, every other Thursday on Channel 67 at 11:30am (EST). Manhattan Neighborhood Network is a non-profit organization that broadcasts programming on four public access stations in Manhattan. MNN’s programs range from local to international in scope and reach up to 3 million viewers around Manhattan! MNN also streams live online at, reaching audiences around the world. Thanks to Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s innovative system, individuals across the world are able to log on to watch Muhammad and Friends on the world wide web as the show is broadcasting on television in Manhattan.
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If you are interested in viewing the show, you can do so through our website. Remember Muhammad and Friends airs eastern standard time. Therefore if you live in a central standard time zone, you must log on an hour (10:30am) prior to the scheduled broadcast for New York. If you live on the west coast, you must log on three hours (8:30am) prior to the broadcast scheduled for New York. Detailed instructions on how to view our show via the world wide web are listed below.

Select the link to Manhattan Neighborhood Network below:

“Watch MNN Live” is located on the bottom left side of the page

Select Channel 67/86

Click on this Link to get to Muhammads Mosque #20 Religious Center Live Radio program from Camden, NJ

Every Tuesday Night at 7:00PM CST on WTMR Radio

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