CROETV Production

CROE TV Productions was established in 1994 by Executive Producer and Host Munir Muhammad to provide a forum for dialogue to increase community awareness. Since its beginning, CROE TV has become a full production facility that produces local programming for Chicago and around the country. CROETV takes pride in providing programs that can’t be found anywhere else-thought provoking, educational, and engaging. We have given our guests an unedited voice to present their issues. CROETV has received numerous community awards from institutions recognizing our diverse ethnic communities and our commitment to maintaining the cultural pluralism that makes Chicago a great city.

CROE TV produces a number of shows. Our signature shows are Muhammad & Friends and The Munir Muhammad Show, which appear weekly in Chicago on local cable channels 19 and 25. With more than one million viewers weekly, Muhammad & Friends has expanded to the south suburbs and is moving to other areas surrounding the Chicago metropolitan area. CROETV Production Studio is located at 2433-35 West 71st Street (CROE Lane) in the West Englewood community. We are pleased to be a beacon of light and hope to community residents that have never had the opportunity to see and learn about video production.

CROETV Expands Viewing Audience with You Tube!

CROETV continues to expand its viewing audience by utilizing modern technology to get the message of the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to people across the world. In November, CROETV announced its debut in Manhattan, New York through the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), channels 67 and 86. MNN’s programs reach up to 3 million viewers in Manhattan alone. Additionally, any programs featured on MNN were also streamed live online at, reaching viewers around the world.

Today, CROETV has several video clips featured on “You Tube” and continues to add more daily. “You Tube” has been noted as one of the fastest growing websites on the World Wide Web. According to a survey conducted in July, 2006, 100 million clips are viewed daily on “You Tube”, with an additional 65,000 new videos uploaded per 24 hours. According to Nielsen/Net Ratings, the site has almost 20 million visitors each month.

If you are interested in viewing footage from CROETV programs, log on to and type the keyword “CROE” or “Muhammad and Friends” in the designated search area. If you would like to be notified when CROETV has added a new video, you may send us an email at and type:”CROE TV on You Tube” in the subject area. The vision to reach millions of viewers across the world has become a reality. CROETV continue to work diligently and maintain its commitment to preserving the history of the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. We hope that you not only continue to watch, but support our cause as we provide the community with vital information that will ultimately save lives!

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